Sunday, November 14, 2004

Lies and Omissions on Arafat's Death Certificate

The death certificate of Yasser Arafat falsely lists Arafat's birthplace as Jerusalem and gives no cause of death, according to Israel Insider.

Arafat was in fact born in Cairo, Egypt according to his published birth certificate, his official biography, and his Nobel prize biographical statement.

Though no copy of the death certificate has been published, Israel Insider quotes a statement by Sammy Ghozlan, President of the Jewish Community Council of Seine Saint Denis, stating that the daily le Parisien published an official announcement of Arafat's death on November 12, 2004. This announcement, which listed Jerusalem as Arafat's birthplace, was reportedly based on the death certificate filed the day before in Clamart, the city in which Arafat died.

Israeli sources have suggested that a secret deal was made in which Israel would not reveal Arafat's HIV/AIDs illness -- reportedly well-known in intelligence circles -- in exchange for Palestinian officials putting an end to rumors of Arafat's being poisoned.

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