Tuesday, July 29, 2003

No Justice, No Peace[?]

The buzz on radio talkshows here in L.A. has been about the Inglewood Police trial. The jurors hung on the charge of assault under the color of authority against Jeremy Morse (who had been fired by the Inglewood P.D.) while they acquitted Officer Bijan Darvish of the charge of filing a false police report. The streets are peaceful, though two local talk radio show hosts I heard think the D.A. will seek a retrial.

Rumors of the details in the Kobe Bryant case are generating some off-color jokes, but little news.

Little attention is being paid to the recall of the governor some talk-show hosts here call "Gumby." Apparently, Arnold's wife has nixed his run, and Riordan has not yet thrown his hat into the ring. Bill Simon, who lost to Davis last year, is now apparently ready to try again.

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