Monday, October 25, 2004

Ignorance is Blix

Hans Blix is urging Western nations to offer concessions to Iran in order to entice Tehran to relinquish its program of uranium enrichment. Blix reasoned that if the West asked the Iranians to abandon enrichment, "Then you are asking them to give something up they have a right to be doing. Then you have to accept that they will make demands."

Meanwhile, the Iranians appear to agree with Blix that they have every right to pursue uranium enrichment, having turned down the European Union's offer of nuclear technology in exchange for an unlimited suspension of enrichment.

Blix warned against air attacks against Iran's nuclear facilities, saying there were no nuclear weapons being developed there.

Hans Blix offered no explanation for how he is able to determine what Iran is doing -- or not doing -- at its nuclear facilities. One wonders why John Kerry laments (e.g., in the second presidential debate) the President's unwillingness to let "Hans Blix do his job and thoroughly go through the inspections," when Hans Blix can find that there is nothing to find, without even looking.

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