Saturday, September 11, 2004


I've spent a good bit of this third anniversary of 9-11-01 reading blogs about the documents that CBS stubbornly persists in claiming cast doubt on George Bush's National Guard service. Much of the cutting edge of the story is available at Power Line, while Belmont Club characteristically provides a thoughtful perspective. Jane Galt in Asymmetrical Information boils down the argument for the documents being forgeries to an intuitive inference to the best explanation. The CBS documents can readily be reproduced, perfectly, using Microsoft Word. Even if these documents could have been prepared using a 1972 state-of-the-art typewriter (and that is highly unlikely), to accept that Lt. Col. Killian would attempt such a painstaking and pointless task extends credulity beyond a Kierkegaardian leap of absurd faith. Reading many excellent blogs today, some from sites that have been created since I wrote my last post here, I decided I wanted to join the conversation. So I have returned to my headland.

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